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Personalized College Essay Guidance from a Princeton Graduate



My name is Jacob Katz, and I graduated from Princeton University in 2023. I'm an experienced essay consultant, trained to analyze, edit, and produce exceptional writing. My students appreciate the optimism and energy I bring to each session, and I find genuine fulfillment in the work we do together. I am eager to continue sharing the tips, tactics, and insights I used to conquer the ultra-competitive college-admissions process.  

I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, and I served as a Paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces before my undergraduate enrollment.  My writing has been featured in The Jerusalem Post, The Daily Princetonian, and Israel National News. I am an incoming Associate at the Boston Consulting Group. 


How I Can Help 

Writing about yourself doesn't need to feel awkward. Whether you're starting from square one or perfecting your final draft, I'll ensure you submit a stellar, stand-out essay.

Personal Statements

Supplemental Essays

From 15 characters to 650 words, additional questions and essays can be confusing. What do colleges want to hear? I'll walk you through each section; we'll make the most of every answer.

Application & Resume

Your activities and aspirations will be concisely worded and properly arranged. My methodology will capture you at your absolute best, so you'll look impressive and feel accomplished.

Schedule Building

Upon request, we will build a comprehensive spreadsheet of your prospective universities, essay prompts, and deadlines. We'll celebrate your progress while keeping a steady grasp on your goals.

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