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Pencils and Notebooks

Personalized College Application Guidance from a Princeton Graduate


"I felt the way you probably do–with everything else going on this time of of year–tests, papers, college applications–the last thing I needed was someone to "help" me with my college essay....and shouldn't it be from me, anyway?  How is someone going to help me do something that's innately mine?  And did I mention that I don't have the time??  I was wrong. So wrong.  Jacob helped me to focus myself–he provided a sounding board for my thoughts, a filter for what could work, a brainstorming partner for angles...  and the confidence to go off and do this.  What I ended up with was an essay that was all mine–and all me–but I honestly don't know if I could have pulled it together without him.  It was probably the best investment in time I could have made during this process."

Michaela, NY


My name is Jacob Katz, and I recently graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University.  


Each admission season, I help a handful of high school seniors gain admission to America's top universities. My students receive my personal phone number, and I never outsource their essays to be reviewed by others. I founded my consultancy because I love crafting stories and encouraging students to discover their voices. Having personally gone through the admissions process in recent years, I am well familiar with its accompanying high stakes and overwhelming angst.  I pride myself on providing first class, effective guidance which helps students reach their greatest milestone yet. 

I grew up in Florida, and I served as a Paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces before my undergraduate enrollment. I am an incoming Associate at the Boston Consulting Group. 


How I Can Help 

Writing about yourself doesn't need to feel awkward. Whether you're starting from square one or perfecting your final draft, I'll ensure you submit a stellar, stand-out essay.

Personal Statements

Supplemental Essays

From 15 characters to 650 words, additional questions and essays can be confusing. What do colleges want to hear? I'll walk you through each section; we'll make the most of every answer.

Application & Resume

Your activities and aspirations will be concisely worded and properly arranged. My methodology will capture you at your absolute best, so you'll look impressive and feel accomplished.

Schedule Building

Upon request, we will build a comprehensive spreadsheet of your prospective universities, essay prompts, and deadlines. We'll celebrate your progress while keeping a steady grasp on your goals.

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