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60 Minute Session /


I'll provide pointed guidance to help propel you forward – no matter where you are in the writing process. Meetings occur via Zoom.

  • I map out each session in advance, so we'll always hit the ground running.

  • At the end of each session, we'll devise a concise list of your next steps. 

  • Ideal for students eager to jumpstart, reinvent, or perfect any essay 

Full Admissions Package


Recommended for students intending to apply to 5+ universities via early and regular admission.   


Package includes:

  • Personal statement, supplemental essay, and general application guidance for any number of colleges;

  • Text message, phone call, and email correspondences between sessions;

  • Access to my cheat sheets for the Activities Section, personal statement brainstorming, and the "Why X University?" supplemental essay;

  • Personalized schedule building to ensure you press "submit" ahead of schedule.


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