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"I’ve tried other tutors, but Jacob really stood out. He has a different writing approach, personalizing each tutoring session to your needs. He is very patient and organized. We really maximized our time together and used each session to its fullest. He facilitated my college application process and I highly recommend any student to work with Jacob!"
                                                                                 - Elinor S., New York

"I felt the way you probably do–with everything else going on this time of of year–tests, papers, college applications–the last thing I needed was someone to "help" me with my college essay....and shouldn't it be from me, anyway?  How is someone going to help me do something that's innately mine?  And did I mention that I don't have the time??  I was wrong. So wrong.  Jacob helped me to focus myself–he provided a sounding board for my thoughts, a filter for what could work, a brainstorming partner for angles...  and the confidence to go off and do this.  What I ended up with was an essay that was all mine–and all me–but I honestly don't know if I could have pulled it together without him.  It was probably the best investment in time I could have made during this process. "
                                                                                    - Michaela F., New Jersey 

"Jacob is incredibly organized and patient and made me both excited and motivated for each session. I appreciate how attentively he heard my ideas and assisted me in putting them in a polished and effective manner on paper. Jacob helped me shape my concepts into compelling topics and stories while allowing me to discuss and express my opinions. I truly enjoyed each session with Jacob and he made the process of writing so enjoyable."

                                                                                            - Mikayla P, Chicago

"Jacob is awesome and really helpful, right away he was really easy to talk to and work with. He’s really great for any essay help you need, college or any other subject. I really enjoyed working with Jacob and continue to work with him anytime I need help!! I know I can count on him to help with anything no matter how close and tight the deadline is."
                                                                                      - Miriam S., New Jersey 

"Writing college essays can be extremely overwhelming, but Jacob helped make the process so much more enjoyable! I love how he listened to my ideas and helped me put them onto paper in a sophisticated and powerful way. Jacob allowed me to talk and to express my thoughts, and he helped me mold them into strong themes and stories. Whether you haven't started your essay yet, or just need some direction, Jacob is the man to ask. I am so happy I reached out– Jacob made my college application experience less stressful and more worthwhile. "
                                                                                       - Devora R., New Jersey

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