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This is a big deal

If you're reading this, it's because you know your child is packed with potential. My mission is to enable admissions officers to recognize what you already know: They would be lucky to have your child attend their university. I love my job, and I take it seriously. Though I'll never know your son or daughter as you do, it is my intention to see his spark, understand her depth, and help craft a clear, compelling, and memorable essay.

I frequently encourage my students and their parents to turn to me with any questions, thoughts, or concerns. Even though the student ultimately hits "submit", the application process is oftentimes improved by the input of siblings, close friends, and especially parents. As your child's consultant, I see myself as a part of your team. If you so desire, I am happy to keep in contact about your child's progress and prospects.

The college admissions landscape is shifting beneath our feet. Every student – no matter how unique and talented – needs an edge. Allow me to be yours.

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